I Asked For It!

Hi Friends! I realize it’s been a very long time. Looking back, my last post was pre-pandemic. Wow, has our world been turned upside down like never before, and each of us has been made to shift and adjust to our own unique sets of circumstances. When the stay-at-home order began here in March, I felt as though someone had yanked the rug out from under me and I was free falling. Can you relate?

I quickly took every opportunity I could to immerse myself in nature. It’s the place I felt safest and most myself. I took so much time going within, meditating on a regular basis to help make some sort of sense of everything going on around me. These days I’m just doing the best I can. I hope you are finding your way too.

This summer, I had hopes of walking the Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile pilgrimage across Spain, but the Coronavirus put the kibosh on that. So it will have to wait. As I was looking for a different goal that would keep me moving here at home, I found a virtual version of the Camino that uses an app to track progress and a shiny finisher’s medal upon completion of 480 miles. I thought if nothing else, I’d get an idea of what this distance feels like.

I began the virtual journey May 30th with the very first step…

It’s been a few months and I’ll admit, it’s getting old. How I wish my protesting foot, ankle, knee, hip and back would be cool with running again…it would take so much less time.

I feel like it’s much of the same scenery, even though I try to change up the view. The city is only so big.

And it’s just such a long way.

As of this morning, I’d traveled 292 miles. I was beginning to feel weary knowing I have miles and miles left to go. Today’s goal was 8-10…oof! So I went inward and asked my guides to send me signs to inspire me along the way. Funny, whenever I do this, they never disappoint…be careful what you ask for haha!

By mile 2, this symbol allowed me to set an intention for the rest of today’s miles…to be gentle with myself and keep an open heart and mind. By mile 4, another sign (literally) both tested my will and tickled my funny bone.

Good one, Universe, haha! There would be no ride for me! I kept moving, one step at a time. By mile 4.5, I passed an open garage, intrigued by what I saw, but I continued forward until the 5 mile half way turnaround. Curiosity got the best of me, so I stopped outside that open garage on the return trip. I was so inspired by what I saw, I had to give props!

There, before me was a mini-sized senior version of a CrossFit garage and the guy was killing it! The minute I greeted him, he introduced himself and invited me in! His name is Jim and he’s an 80 year-young retired PE teacher. You guys, 80!!! He happily showed me around his digs he has named Jim’s Gym. With his treadmill pointed toward the beautiful river view, well, I couldn’t love anything more. He has hundreds of photos out there and quickly pointed out family, friends and acquaintances.

And when I caught a gander of this, well, I knew these were exactly the signs I was meant to see this morning. Jim told me as the steps begin to get boring on the dreadmill he looks up at those words. And it dawned on me, those are the same words that are getting me through these 480 miles. It has taken all of those words. The one that drives Jim most is discipline, and I think I will let that be the word that drives me to finish this mission of mine. Because discipline is exactly what this kind of thing requires!

I thanked Jim for inspiring the heck out of me, and he thanked me for stopping to talk. He said our visit was the highlight of his day and to be sure to come back any time. Awww. as I hopped back onto the trail I was lighter than air for part of the remaining 4.5. I’m pretty sure I had a smile on my face the rest of the way.

As I passed that billboard again, I was like NOPE! Reaching home, sheer gratitude for the signs placed before me today. I was given exactly what I needed to complete 10 miles because I simply asked for it. With today’s 10 I’m 302 miles down, 178 to go…I’m getting there!

As I’d been feeling hard into how the actual Camino will be a tougher journey with a moderately heavy pack on my back, and higher daily mileages, I was reminded there will be people like Jim along the way, providing exactly what I need to push forward. I just need to ask for those signs.

Celebrating Questiversary

I can’t comprehend how it’s possible; it’s already been five years ago tonight that my epic team, The Aquanauts, won Cotopaxi’s Questival Las Vegas.

You can read all about our 24 hour adventure of a lifetime here. No other experience in my life provided 24 continuous hours of adventure, empowerment, teamwork, travel, enthusiasm, humor, adrenaline, urgency, determination, laughter, creativity, strategy, ingenuity, perseverance, positive energy and FUN! It was my first high-speed trek to San Diego and Tijuana hahaha!

Looking back, Questival was one of the craziest things I’ve done, but I’m nothing but grateful I said yes. This was the beginning of a string of events that bolstered my confidence in knowing I could do literally ANYTHING! It was an awakening, a knowing that I should listen to my heart and say yes to EVERYTHING I want to do before I wake up one day and realize it’s too late. It helped me realize if I can dream it, I can do it!

This picture is oh so precious to me. It was a moment my magical cousin and I knew so many great things were about to happen and Questival was just the beginning! So I wish my soul sister a very Happy Questiversary. I can’t wait to see what the next leg of our lifelong adventure holds as we both put our Best Foot Forward!

It’s All About the Climb

Friends, it feels like an eternity since my last blog post. Just before Christmas, I turned onto a new section of trail along my continuous journey toward wellness. Here’s the humbling photo depicting that starting point…is what it is.

It was a restart of the same holistic weight loss program I slayed back in 2012-13, so this re-entry was kind of like the 2.0 version…who knew that shortly it would become a more challenging master course? I’m older, more beat up and my horomones are vying for complete control, even more reason to hit reset, right? It was well past time to regain focus and I was so, so ready to ignite and set flame to this leg of my journey. See, I’m still dreaming and working toward a healthier me, but extenuating circumstances and that darn voice within immediatly started saying I’d never reach it. It all but extinguished my fire.

Mere days in, so many new struggles attempted to knock me down, that I began likening my situation to Miley Cyrus’ song “The Climb.” It was uncanny how aligned this road was becoming with that song!

I suddenly became support person for my brother that landed in the hospital with an appendix so outraged, they couldn’t remove it yet.

Every time I’ve been in that hospital, I’ve felt literally trapped. Time and energy are consumed in mass quantities and there’s nothing left but exhaustion. My big bro was discharged Christmas Eve night and that’s when the uphill battle really began for both of us.

I did all the little things I could to fit workouts and good nutrition between my everyday family stuff, work and my brother’s check-ins at the hospital. But as the song suggests, “always gonna be an uphill battle,” and this one felt like it was trying to knock me down. At this time, my mom was wintering solo in Arizona with unmistakable signs of dementia. I seriously felt lost with no direction…which way to turn? With my bro out of commission and no other siblings to share the load, it was clear to me at this point, I couldn’t allow this all to take me down…I had to keep on trying to find time for me. I kept my head held as high as I could even though I felt like crying my eyes out at most inopportune moments/places like the gym, work, social gatherings, etc.

I reminded myself I had to be strong and keep pushing on. But at the same time, I had to grant myself some major grace knowing sometimes, in my endeavors, I’m gonna have to lose. At the moment, it felt like my weight loss endeavors were smothered.

An upcoming short vacation I had planned, before all hell broke loose, had me questioning which way to turn. I didn’t want to lose this one. I had others I was responsible for to consider, and many people giving me opinions. In the end, I set all my ducks in a row, trusted my gut and decided that little getaway was what I needed most. And that afforded me some much needed time with my husband as well as a meetup with my faraway soul sister.

The respite was exactly what I needed to recharge so I could come back to everyone and everything stronger and ready to face whatever came next. And am I glad I did, because I got thrown right back in the hot seat, or plane seat to Arizona; it was time to bring my mom home so I could help her instead of just worry about what I couldn’t do for her from afar.

Knowing it was perhaps the last time I would be in the area, I had some unfinished business that seemed all too appropriate. Picacho Peak was a nearby mountain I had meant to hike/climb everytime I was down there, so it seemed to be now or never at this juncture of the sojourn. I felt like I had something to prove to myself. I did my homework to know this was going to be an uphill battle as in a difficult, strenuous metaphor for what was going on in my life.

Though parts of it were downright dangerous, I reminded myself it just wasn’t about how fast I got there. I was simply determined to tackle those chances I’m taking, the struggles I’m facing. Sadly, in my heart, I knew I was going to be climbing tougher, more terrifying challenges in the future with my mom’s declining health.

Though stretches of Hunter’s Trail/Picacho Peak were the hardest, sketchiest thing I’ve ever done, I know it doesn’t compare to what my heart will be going through in the near future, I just have to keep pushing on. I have to keep moving, climbing, and keep the faith as Miley urges.

At my own pace, in a body that’s proven its strength again and again, with plenty of what sustains me (water, fuel, faith)…well, I knew I could do it. And I stayed up there long enough to remind myself…there will always be another mountain that I’m always gonna wanna make move. And I should listen to those desires within because stretching myself, taking important time for me…these are going to be the game changers for my soul.

I figured as much effort as I put in, I needed a little reminder of what I had just accomplished…love that hat! I’ll be sure to wear it on days I need to dig extra deep. And with that, it was time to pack my mom’s things up and bring her home.

No sooner did I get her home and settled as best as I could in this frozen trundra, it was time for someone to finally get rid of an appendix!

Friends, if you’ve managed to read this far, know I appreciate you for listening. All of us are on this forward journey of life with our loved ones. We can be oh so grateful when life is calm and uneventful. But I invite you to take the inevitable struggles in stride, because it’s not about what’s waiting on the other side of these mountains. Just keep moving, keep climbing, (take care of yourself the best you can throughout) and keep the faith. These challenges with our loved ones, they are the moments we will remember most because it’s all about the climb!

My New Word for a New Year/Decade

I’ve been feeling deeply into this approaching New Year for weeks, been soul searching for what I hope 2020 ushers in. I dropped New Year’s resolutions along the wayside a couple years back, as I noted what little impact most have had on me long term. I recently attached an intention to my year to simplify my aim with clarity and focus. But tomorrow, I will fine tune yet again, choosing a single word for the upcoming year.

It’s been a challenge finding that one word; I knew many notions I wanted to encompass and this word became a tall order! Before I could think ahead, it felt right to reflect…to know where I hope to go, it’s important for me to remember from where I’ve come.

In fact, the realization that tonight draws to a close an entire decade, well it simply blew my mind! I began clicking through thousands of photos to get a better understanding of just what the space of a decade looked like. I disappeared down a rabbit hole…I was astounded at how much happened in the course of those glorious 10 years!

It seems strange for me to think 2010 was that long ago; when I return to this moment, it honestly seems like moments ago. We were raising these wonderful boys (aww, look how little), running non-stop from school, to church, to scout meetings, to campouts, to extended family events, to work, an occasional vacation or getaway. The thing that stands out most was just how busy life was, and feeling into that, well, it just makes me tired! But there was great happiness because all was well.

Just a few years later, 2013, the kids grew quicker than I could comprehend. They continued to succeed in all their endeavors, yet I was a mess. Eric had lost his appendix in 2011, and I lost my dad. My grief was suffocating. I began focusing on my health a few months later, and although I made major lifestyle changes, the grief continued to be crippling. Somehow, life just continued all around me, and I had to roll with it the best I could. My oldest was driving!!! How the heck did that happen?!?

2014 came in like a wrecking ball! January literally hit me with a pick-up truck and I had to navigate life from the couch because my body was broken from the impact. Six weeks later I was back to work and rehabbing my injuries. I have no explanation for what happened next…maybe anger, perhaps determination…my body started running, and running, and running. Any time the kids had an activity, I dropped them off and spent time pounding the pavement. It became an escape, an addiction, eventually a ticket to a LOT of new friends, travel, races and medals haha! 2014 was also the year this FIT BFFs blog was born…who knew I could write?!?

We were now the parents of a college kid…how the heck did that happen?!? 2016, two short years later I’d run a couple marathons, a pile of half marathons, and riden my bike across the entire state of Iowa among many other crazy things. I was still working on that grief and dealing with a breast biopsy/lumpectomy, but all the running, biking and a bunch of travel served as a big distraction that put both in a place that seemed less painful and scary at the time. Happily, by 2016 we added this wonderful young lady to many of our family photos, as our oldest found LOVE!

And 2017 was simply a blur! Our youngest is DRIVING and in HIGH SCHOOL!!! Wait…what?!? And our oldest is ENGAGED!!! I continued killing it at the gym, but at this point, my knee was killing me, so no more running. I began delving into that grief again, and sure enough, it had waited right there for me all along. I took more time for myself, time to travel and grow.

2018 made it official…our little family of four was now five, and I was no longer the shortest haha! I also made a lane change in my career, moving to an activity-based/healthy lifestyle youth mentoring non-profit that made an abundant, purposeful shift in my heart. And again with the travel…I’m so hooked. What an amazing year!

And 2019…here’s where I start deep breathing, because I don’t even know how we got here when I look back at the first couple pics! The married couple now work for an ambulance company, saving lives for a living (no, guys, I don’t need a lift!!!). Our youngest (as in baby) is a SENIOR and has chosen a COLLEGE…seriously, folks! But here’s the kicker…my husband (that young handsome guy) turned 50 this year, and we celebrated our 25th Anniversary…stop it!!! To celebrate, we rode our bikes across Iowa haha! And yes, the travel continues…I just returned from my first trip to Europe…swoon!

Of course as with everyone else, we’ve withstood loss, challenge and struggle, but we’ve also enjoyed beautiful blessings too.

It was important for me to glance back to realize I’ve experienced more personal growth this decade than any other. I look forward to what the new year/decade bring…I’m always up for a good challenge! But I’d be totally fine if things would just remain calm for a while…because it’s time for me to get even more serious about my health and longevity.

Whatever 2020 brings, I’ve adopted a word to keep my gaze firmly fixed upon…

PLENITUDE n 1. completeness 2. abundance

Happy New Year, Friends; I hope your year is filled with a plenitude of great blessings!

Tis The Season!

Friends, here’s a gem from the 2002 family vault…that sure was a LOT of plaid! Yeah, I was that mom back then who thought Christmas wasn’t complete without a family set of matchy-matchy jammies. And if that wasn’t enough, I spent every last minute of nap time and the wee hours of the night sewing up each pair.

Money was tight those early years, so buying a bolt of flannel on sale, then running that poor sewing machine until it nearly smoked was how I kept the tradition alive. I must have continued for at least six years until I burned out. I realized each Christmas Eve when we put those pjs on, I was freaking exhausted from holiday preparations that made every December feel like a tiring blur. But I assured myself it was worth it because we LOVED heading off to bed in those matching jammies to await Santa’s arrival.

So much has changed since then. Sadly, those sweet little boys are adults, and insist they’ve long outgrown those matchy-matchy days. I’ve also mindfully grown out of spending precious time and energy feeling the need to hand-produce that magic from long ago. That’s why I was so excited to hear from Shinesty regarding their Christmas pajamas and outfits. They’ve got the whole family covered…including the dog and cat!

If you are a crafty mom like I was, desperately wanting to wrap your entire family in matching holiday attire, do yourself a favor and check out Shinesty. Drop that notion you have to do it all yourself, and treat yourself to some precious me time this season because you are WORTH IT!

Shinesty recently (and very generously) provided me with pajamas for my husband and me to test drive for a review. I have to say, though we are much older than we were back then, I still LOVE how fun it is to match. And I really like the bright, cheery patterns Shinesty offers.

I was instantly impressed with the high quality, luxurious fabric that is SO warm and cozy! I’m excited about how comfortable this nightgown is, and can’t wait to wear it on Christmas Eve. Because although our kids are grown, that doesn’t mean Eric and I don’t believe in the magic of Christmas…somethings you never outgrow!

And the best part? I didn’t have to spend valuable time stitching them myself, because who has time for that anymore?!? Gone are those Christmas mornings of bags under this tired mom’s eyes, because I know better, and I’ve found Shinesty!

Well, I guess my eyes look pretty darn tired, but that’s because of jet lag…I just flew home from Spain haha! But no matter, there is plenty of time for me to rest before Christmas, because I won’t be rushing to get those matchy matchy pjs done…Shinesty’s done it all for me.

Friends, hop on over to Shinesty to find Christmas jammies for all your loved ones! And if you hurry, you’ll get free slippers with any pajama set too!

Tis the season to let Shinesty deck your entire family out in holiday cheer!

Yes Gal!

Once upon a time, several years back, I adopted a new mindset that has vibrantly colored my life nothing short of astounding at times. If you’ve followed me for a while, you may recall some of the many adventures I shared here…none of which would have occurred if not for a single, solitary word. YES!

This mindset was encouraged, in part, by the humorously thought provoking 2008 Jim Carrey film, Yes Man. This movie portrayed a man living a mundane existence until he learned to unleash the power of simply saying YES. The thought intrigued me. What would my life be like if I said YES more often? I admit, I was careful about what I considered because I’d become a big believer in saying no to things that did not serve me. But what if I said YES to opportunities meant to enhance my life?

The crazy part of it all, the more often I said YES to things like running marathons in Honolulu & Washington DC, participating in a 24 hour urban scavenger hunt/adventure race in Vegas, hiking the Narrows of Zion, walking Key West over and over, climbing a mountain here and there…the more these opportunities seemed to seek me out. Here’s a fun example of how this YES mentality worked for me…

A few months back, my neighbor asked if I’d like to accompany her on a business trip to Chicago. An amazing hotel was covered and I’d just need to come up with airfare. There was never a moment of hesitation…the answer was an obvious DUH! And before I knew what hit me, I was on a plane, and the Universe seemed to nod with exulting approval…

In anticipation of the possibilities of this playground, I did some recon before we left. In doing so, I was able to make some preparations to assure our trip’s awesomeness; as soon as we landed, it began to unfold!

Of course, Jane was there to work, so while she was occupied, I jumped into an event I knew I was meant to attend.

Weeks before, I found the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K walk and could already envision myself helping make a difference. Armed with generous American Cancer Society donations contibuted by friends (thanks again!!!), I joined thousands of others that morning with a united aim to put an end to this vicious killer! No need to guess how I felt about it…

It still blew my mind how easily I found myself in the very place I was meant to be in that moment. And how surreal to find myself surrounded by abundant love and a common goal as I walked across the start line.

What a brilliantly perfect way to sightsee!

Before I could even comprehend what happened, I found myself talking with a girl I have no doubt I was meant to meet in this sea of fuschia. Emma and I had an instant connection and spent nearly the entire 3.1 miles sharing our stories and lives. I LOVE when this happens!

Oh how that serendipitous time flew! Lovely to meet you, Emma! As we went our separate ways, I came upon someone else I felt destined to meet.

Melissa is a BADASS WARRIOR SURVIVOR…no other way to describe how she’s chosen to pay forward her struggle. She is the co-director of Ginger The Movie, inspired by her courageous, ongoing battle with breast cancer. I can’t wait to see her movie when it hopefully hits the big screen in my area or shows up on Netflix soon. Friends, keep your eyes open for it!

I was also grateful for the opportunity to sing OOFOS’ praises for the love they’ve shown me over the years. I walked in memory of Duncan Finigan, OOFOS fearless Brand Leader & Marketing Director, creator of Project Pink.

With my heart broken wide open, and my awareness greater than ever, the event came to an end and I was reunited with Jane for some sights and tastes of Chicago…like how can you hit the Windy City without some deep dish?!?

Oh, how we celebrated with a heck of a YES to that pitcher of sangria! Uff-da! Or explore the city without a stop at an icon or two…

And you’ve got to love this chance encounter…imagine me running into a health expo at the church I chose to attend lol! No way I could say no to free acupuncture (I’ve been dying to try) and massage…thanks, Healing Paradise Acupuncture!

And if I hadn’t done my research, I’d never have known my beloved Powell’s in Portland originated from this treasure in Hyde Park…what a fun place for this book addict to play!

Time and again on that trip, I was reminded just how glad I was that Jane invited me (thanks, Jane!) and that I had the good sense to say YES!

My favorite line from Yes Man kept washing over me again and again, “The world’s a playground, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.”

That, Friends, is something I refuse to forget! The world is a playground and I just can’t seem to get enough. As I tuck Chicago away in my precious cache of memories, I look onward because I’ve said YES to much more in the near future. I’m preparing for an upcoming trip to Spain in a few weeks and it’s time for this YES GAL to do her homework!

Trusting My Intuition

Friends, it wouldn’t be a normal week for me without some kind of bizarre adventure; this one was no different! For the past several weeks, I’d noticed a very curious growth forming on my right upper arm. Now I’m not one to jump to conclusions and consume myself with worry, but the thing certainly had my attention.

It’s hard to ignore something that dripped blood every time I snagged it with a towel after showering. It was bothersome as it didn’t seem to want to heal and insisted on sticking with me. I’d like to think I’m pretty in tune with my body, and this was not a harmonious little bugger. As a few weeks passed, I kept recalling something I’d learned in health class many moons ago, a few warning signs to get checked: a new mole or growth (check), a lesion that bleeds (check), a sore that doesn’t heal (check). Yeah, this was all of that and I kept wondering if my swollen lymph nodes a week ago had anything to do with this too. Team that up with the facts that I am pretty fair/light skinned and I have spent a lifetime in the sun, having acquired my fair share of sunburns in the past. Yeah, I suspected the “C” word, but no need to put that out into the universe haha!

If you know anything about me, you are aware I am no-nonsense when it comes to proactive/preventive care, so I tried to schedule an appointment with dermatology. It blew my mind that they couldn’t get me in until February…seriously?!? If this was anything serious, I knew better than to wait that long. A friend encouraged me to take a different route, and I stopped in at an acute walk in clinic the same day.

Though the practitioner did nothing more than look at this little crater-shaped thing, she advised me to make an appointment with a primary care provider who is willing/able to send a sample biopsy to pathology. Though that may seem like a wasted trip, it was the best advice because I was able to make an appointment for just a few days later…not FEBRUARY!

So I headed off to my clinic Tuesday. Many of you know I see all kinds of signs throughout my days. Well, walking into the lobby and spying this lone magazine…

Chop Chop indeed! I literally LOLed hahaha! And just below, I was reminded…life IS a picnic, my gentle reminder to keep worry out of this.

I lightheartedly continued on to my appointment. My doc assured me I did the right thing by coming in. From the shape and my description of the little guy’s behavior, she had a usual suspect in mind. She numbed me up, razored the pea-sized sample, controlled the bleeding and sent my specimen and me in separate directions.

I wouldn’t hear results from pathology for days, so I employed a little strategy I used back when I had a more nerve wracking breast biopsy. Every time I began to think about the results, I calmly reminded myself that this is nothing until it’s something, and right now, it was nothing. No use getting worked up over nothing, right?

The rest of the week quickly passed, and my results popped up yesterday afternoon on my portal. I took a couple slow, deep breaths and opened it up. The big long named skin cancer variety my doc suspected? Not! This thing was nothing more than an innocent little irritated capillary hemangioma for the win!

Folks, I realize I dodged a bullet, but I also took great relief knowing had it been something far more serious, my self care take-charge, proactive approach was important in early detection/treatment.

So here’s the take away, Friends…if you notice something not quite right, trust your intuition, get checked out and move on. Peace of mind is PRICELESS and one more way to put that Best Foot Forward!

Win-It Wednesday 5th Blogiversary Winners!

Happy Win-It Wednesday, Friends! This marks the end of FIT BFFs’ 5th Blogiversary Giveaway. I’d like to take one last opportunity to thank all you readers who continue to join me throughout this most surreal, healthy lifestyle blogging adventure! And in case you think I’m winding down, don’t go anywhere…because this journey continues to unfold in exciting and unexpected ways. I’m working toward all new goals, education and adventures just around the corner…so stick around!

I am ever-grateful for OOFOS and Rollga’s generous and unwavering support of my endeavors and willingness to partner again and again!

Without further ado, today’s winners are:

Pink Rollga…Kasi!

OOFOS recovery footwear of your choice…Jenny!


I will contact both of you with details.

Thanks to all who entered! If you didn’t win, you will still want to check out Rollga’s website to learn more about their contoured foam rollers and OOFOS’ website to find out how to feel the OO with their recovery footwear!

5th Blogiversary Win-It Wednesday!

It’s incomprehensible to me, but fitbffs.com turned 5 this summer, so it’s time for a GiVeAwAy!!!

Friends, thank you for joining my healthy lifestyle adventure every step of the way. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know with Focus, Inspiration and Transformation, I’ve been putting my Best Foot Forward…thus FIT BFFs! It’s been cathartic these past five years to share with you my highest of highs…

And some of my lows…

You’ve seen me at my most confident…

My most determined…

You’ve been with me at my most vulnerable as I faced some fears…

Fought past some injuries…

And worked through profound grief…

And beyond…

Thank you for your continued loyalty and encouragement. It means the world to me and drives me forward!

So it’s time for me to give back, Friends! In my previous post, I reminded you of two companies that have had my best interests at heart, supporting every step of my endeavors, literally!

OOFOS has been my sport recovery footwear of choice for good reason; they’ve seen me through my entire journey, turning fatigue and ache into OO!

And I can’t for a minute forget Rollga‘s part in all my activities. Rolling around on their phenomenal foam roller has enhanced my abilities, turning frequent pain into comfort.

OOFOS and Rollga have generously contributed some gifts to help us celebrate! One lucky winner will receive a pair of OOFOS recovery footwear!!! And another winner will win a pink Rollga!!!

To enter, simply leave a comment below between now and Tuesday, September 24th, midnight central time.

This giveaway is open to US residents only. Randomly selected winners will be announced here on Win-It Wednesday, September 25th.

But wait, there’s MORE…if you would like an extra entry, here’s your opportunity!

Next month I will be traveling to Chicago to participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. I’m actively helping the American Cancer Society in fighting for a cure. I would be most grateful if you would donate to my fundraising goal for this event, and any amount will earn you an additional entry for the OOFOS/Rollga giveaway. Donate here!

Taking an active role in the fight against breast cancer is one more way to put our Best Foot Forward!

Trading Fear For Action!

Recently, I took care of some annual business I don’t necessarily enjoy. Just before riding RAGBRAI, I went in for my routine mammogram. You may recall why I experience some anxiety surrounding this simple exam…

Following some previous mammograms, I’ve experienced some adventures I hadn’t bargained for including multiple recall mammograms, ultrasounds, a core biopsy and lumpectomy. None of it fun, but all of it paramount for my ongoing health.

One of the most difficult things about a mammogram for people who’ve had a history such as mine where I doctor? Patients at my clinic are made to wait about a week for results to be mailed. Those can be long days of stress and worry if a person gives it energy. Luckily, I had a seven day bike ride across Iowa to keep my mind off what that piece of mail could potentially say this year…so, well, I was too busy to go there for most of that week.

I was blessed to have ongoing support from a few of my very favorite companies along for this year’s ride. My friends at OOFOS provided me with an incredible care package including a pair of their Project Pink OOriginal sport sandals to allow me to better recover after each long day.

I’d recently visited my friends at Rollga and they provided me with another of their amazing foam rollers to reach and target my road weary muscles.

Not only was I tickled PINK to have both these products along for my continued comfort and recovery, it turned out to be quite a coincidence, I thought, that both beloved companies promote breast cancer awareness through supporting research. For every pair of OOFOS sold, they donate 3% directly toward the Dana-Farber Breast Cancer Research Team. 25% of all proceeds from Pink Ribbon Rollga sales are donated to breast cancer research and awareness programs. Thank you, OOFOS and Rollga!!!

While riding 427ish miles that week, you can imagine I had a lot of time to think! As my mind returned to those pending exam results, I formulated a bit of a mindful strategy going forward. I could choose to spend that week following my mammogram each year waiting for those results with uneasiness and worry, but I feel that gets me absolutely nowhere but stressed. A better choice? I could focus my efforts in a more positive direction, taking cues from companies like OOFOS and Rollga…actively working toward a cure! I thought more about how I could put that second choice into practice, as I found it a much better option than worry!

I finished that week’s event feeling pretty fantastic…my feet and legs were in great shape thanks to daily recovery with OOFOS and Rollga!

I returned home to a letter I received from my healthcare provider stating my mammogram results were normal! PHEW!!! Though I was relieved with that news, I knew I still needed to find my role in making a difference. As I thought off and on about it for the next several weeks, that perfect opportunity surfaced…more about that coming up!

Stay tuned, Friends…you won’t want to miss out!

In the meantime, ladies, the American Cancer Society is now recommending women at average risk of breast cancer should get annual mammograms beginning at age 45. Is it time for you to make an appoinment?