4th Grade Reunion Resolution

Hello, Friends. I’ve had the best day because it included marking another friend off my Facebook Friends Resolution…you know the one, to do something fit/active with each of my Facebook friends. Much like many of my other resolution activities, I messaged my friend Connie and we set up a meeting after not having seen one another for years. Like 15 years!

She and I taught 4th grade down the hall from one another about 17 years ago. She was the most amazing mentor as I was pretty new to the teaching thing. Although she was one of the busiest teachers, being everything to everyone, she always had time for me. I loved her then and although I haven’t seen or spoken with her for years, she continues to be one of my favorite people on Earth. Today reminded me of that and, wow, do I ever love her still. She just gets this crazy thing called life like no one else I know. And she does the best Sean Connery impression I’ve been dying to hear forever!

We began walking around Silver Lake this morning and in the process of catching up, we rounded that lake twice before we even noticed. With only a few more yards, we hit 4 miles…yay, US! We could have walked 20 and still not have run out of things to laugh and cry about together. With that walk, I marked her off my resolution list, but I can’t wait to get together next week and do it all over again!


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