Fun at my Front Door!

Fellow FIT BFFs, few things are more exciting that this…a surprise waiting for me when I got home this afternoon.


Only I already know what’s in there and it’s something super fun to share with you very soon.

I’ll give you a few hints…it’s something related to fitness, it will be perfect for summer, and you’re going to want a set too. And if you know much about FIT BFFs, you know there just might be an awesome giveaway involved…wink, wink!

Stay tuned to find out what fun is contained in that box. In the meantime, give it your best guess…what do you think is in there?!?

OOfos Review…OOahh Sport

Hey, fellow FIT BFFs, back in March I was on my way to San Diego to continue working toward my goal of a half marathon each month in 2016. I escaped the frozen, snow-covered tundra of Minnesota with my sights set on surf, sand, sun and a little run. It was time for me to leave my favorite winter recovery footwear, my OOcloogs at home. I contacted my friends at OOfos to let them know I’d love to test out their OOahh Sports and that I would give them plenty of opportunity for race recovery review. Those generous folks provided me with a pair that arrived just in time for my new adventures!

Knowing my feet are sensitive to new footwear, it may have been a great idea for me to wear socks within my OOahhs the first day out. Instead, I slipped them on and took off on foot to cover miles of San Diego sightseeing. Truth be told, I developed a blister underneath one of the bands. I should have considered waiting until after my race to break them in. But no worries, the blister caused no ill effects on my run and I had those OOahhs back on immediately after the race. Why?


Because I craved the impact-absorption and arch support of these OOahhs. They share the utmost in after-sport recovery comfort with my previous favorites the OOlalas and OOcloogs. You can read my past reviews of those two here and here.

Honestly, I don’t know how they do it, but OOfos technology seems to miraculously support all the parts of my feet in exactly the right places.

Slipping into these OOahhs with my weary, road-worn feet was like stepping onto heavenly pillows. Really, Friends, they felt that good! To further prove my point, check out my well-loved OOahhs following my recent monthly races…the Beginner’s Luck Half trail run in Henderson, NV.


The La Jolla Half in La Jolla, CA.


And the Rockin’ Robin Half in my hometown of Rochester, MN.


I’ve put many miles on my feet so far this year, but happily report they continue to hunger for more. I attribute this to the excellent comfort provided by those fantastic OOahhs! With the right recovery support, my feet are ready to go the distance again and again. Runners, walkers, hikers and more, if you can’t say this about your recovery footwear, allow me to recommend it’s time you check out the amazing products at

I’ve got several events coming up and because I have OOfos with me, I’m all set!



Ready to Reset

I’ve been silent lately, fellow FIT BFFs…it’s time for me to come clean. I would like to tell you that faced with difficulties, I met them head-on and overcame them; that’s what the new Carla would do. But I went a different direction…I regressed to old Carla. And not being particularly proud of that, I felt like a hypocrite trying to blog about it on this healthy living blog. So I took some time off. But I’m ready to share in the hope that some of you relate.

I recently embarked on a new marathon training schedule here in Minnesota, in the dead of winter. I also began a new phase in my weight-loss/management program and was challenged to set some new goals. These two things alone, ordinarily, would not be cause for me to derail, I’ve been doing this healthy lifestyle thing for over three years. But I’ve been struggling with lots of little, insignificant things that together have managed to make me miserable.

The weather has been less than stellar, forcing me indoors for my training runs. I hate running on treadmills; they go nowhere. They are boring. I CRAVE the outdoors. The gloom and doom of continuous overcast skies have weighed me down too. I NEED sunshine! I should have reminded myself this is typical cabin fever. I felt ridiculous suffering from it because I spent part of December in Hawaii and some of January in California. And, I was headed to Florida for a girls’ weekend and lacking enthusiasm about it…what was my problem?!?

Work has been chaotic lately. I’ve taken on more hours that have resulted in less “me” time. Although I made an effort to get to yoga, and treated myself to a massage, I succumbed to feeling overwhelmed. I’ve felt the difference in the gym too; it’s been a barrier to accomplishing my most recent goals which makes me feel like a failure.

I’ve been making horrible food choices…like chocolate chip cookies. And chips. And pop. And it stopped occuring to me to even care. Until Monday when I stepped on the scale in my dietitian’s office and I was up five pounds…FIVE! I’d love to blame it on a hyper-bloated, long-lasting bout of near-homicidal PMS. Sorry…TMI! But none of this was the fault of any one thing. I was experiencing a perfect storm of blahhhs.

My head was not in the game. As a matter of fact, it felt empty. Void. When I looked in the mirror, my disgusted mind saw the 246 pound Carla, and it terrified me. How did I get back there in my head when I clearly wasn’t?

Although it was awkward, I started talking to some friends and family about it the past few days, and it’s made all the difference. A few who have been through similar transformations have sent me some critical, much needed messages of support. I couldn’t be more thankful for the priceless words of encouragement I wouldn’t have received, had I kept silent.

These messages motivated me to get my eating back in check, to make the best of my lastest session with my trainer. I also chose to attended a meditation class to quiet my mind earlier this week. And yesterday, right before my flight, I surrendered to a most freeing reiki healing session. It helped me drop a pile of mental and emotional baggage. It was time to reset!

I returned home to finish packing, boarded my flight and escaped winter’s grasp. I landed in Jacksonville last night and found myself ready to make the most of the next leg of my journey. I could see much clearer this morning greeted by this…


The promise of a new day reminds me it’s going to be alright.

Friends, we all struggle from time to time. If you are dealing with something you can’t explain, tell someone about it. We can gain valuable insight, understanding and perspective from someone willing to listen. It’s what helped me turn it all around. This journey is not easy and it is loaded with roadblocks and setbacks. The best thing we can do is grant ourselves some grace and give tomorrow all we’ve got…just one more way to put our Best Foot Forward.

OOFOS Giveaway Ends Today!!!

Aloha, fellow FIT BFFs! I know I have posted nothing about finishing the marathon Sunday…but I did! More on that later. But right now I want to remind you all that the OOFOS OOcloog giveaway ends tonight at midnight central time. Remember, the giveaway is for three winners to each win a pair and they are available for both men and women!


I have been wearing my OOFOS since immediately after the marathon and even though it’s only been a day and a half since the pounding my body took…I’m pretty much recovered, more or less. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to win this extraordinary pair of recovery footwear!

Here’s the link: OOFOS OOcloog giveaway!!!

Unlocktober Days 24 & 25

2012 June-October 149

Happy Monday, Friends! I am behind again but for such great reason…I was having non-stop fun all weekend. Is there any better way to nurture my soul? My spirit was fed all weekend long spending time with my large and fantastic extended family.

Each October my cousins and I gather for a weekend near Halloween filled with whatever fun we can scare up. Usually we find ourselves at a resort in Wisconsin Dells, recently we’ve done the Mall of America. But no matter where we go, it is always a great reminder of the Halloween weekend tradition our parents started when we were kids. Every year we wonder how we’ve become the parents and how our kids have grown so quickly.

I snuck in a run both days, but made it my mission to play as much as I could. There are no pictures of the waterpark, we were too busy splashing, sliding, floating and soaking to record photographic evidence. The rest of the weekend went like this…

There were rides that reminded me I’m still a kid at heart…


Rides that helped me remember what gravity feels like…


And rides that I knew better than to ride, but did anyway…


Hanging out with this next generation keeps me feeling like a kid!


We embraced the weather and enjoyed the beauty and fun of the season…


It doesn’t get much better than this…


It all goes by way too fast…can’t wait for next year!


Do you have a family tradition that brings extended family together for nothing but fun? If not, why not start? Staying and playing together helps keep us feeling young…one more may to put our Best Foot Forward!

Utah Adventure #1: Zion’s Narrows

My husband and I drove to Utah. From Minnesota. So you can only imagine how antsy I was to get moving once we arrived. We had just spent an insane amount of hours folded up in the car, but it was soon to prove very worth it! After driving what seemed like forever, up a most steep and windy mountain road, we arrived at our resort on Snowbird, just outside of Salt Lake City. We got settled, but not for long. We unpacked, then packed right back up to join my cousin Nadia and her husband Jeff for an unforgetable experience.

We drove down to Cedar City to regroup, spent the night, then packed the necessary provisions for our trek. Jeff suggested we take the time to see Zion National Park while we were in Utah and I’m so glad we did…it was beyond words!

We were lucky to have Nadia and Jeff as our guides so we knew how to prepare. This is not something you want to do barefoot. I didn’t have appropriate footwear, but Nadia quickly set me up. We packed plenty of snacks and LOTS of water.

The scenic drive to the park was spectacular.

FullSizeRender (42)

Once there, we hopped the shuttle to a trail that led us to the starting point of our expedition…The Narrows! Before Jeff told us about this part of the park, I’d never heard about this unique place.


The Narrows is the narrowest section of Zion Canyon with walls jutting an impressive thousand feet up! The Virgin River runs through the Narrows and although there is sandy/rocky ground to hike on in some areas, much of this adventure requires wading through the river.

IMG_4118   FullSizeRender (43)

This was a very popular attraction, as it was quite hot that day. The river was refreshing! The water was ankle to thigh deep while we were there, but that can change quickly…there are signs posted to be aware of weather and flash flood potential.

This hike is pretty slow-going, as you need to take your time, making each step deliberately. I couldn’t help but wonder how many people have sprained or broken their ankles here. Wading through the river can be tricky, as you are walking pretty blindly over unpredictable river bottom.

Nadia and Jeff made a rock formation in the middle of the river their natural playground. They easily worked together to reach the top. Although they are not my kids, my nervous mom-radar was on high alert…I could only imagine how difficult an emergency rescue would be way out there. But these two are adrenaline junkies and are gifted high-adventurers!

IMG_4139   IMG_4123

The Narrows is approximately sixteen miles in its entirety. We only went several miles, then turned back, as we would have eventually run out of daylight if we continued. But that was okay with me, by the time we got back to the shuttle stop, my rear was dragging, my legs were numb and my ankles were SHOT! A sure sign of an amazing workout…what a leg day! I kept thinking again and again while I was in Utah…a few years ago, I would have never been able to do these incredible things. I’m so thankful for this experience.


I would call this a once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventure, as it truly is one of a kind. But, I HAVE to do it again. I don’t know when, but I will be back!

Rewrite Your Story

Happy Saturday, Friends! My Utah vacation has drawn to a close as I’m in the midst of some of the most gorgeous and scenic roadways our beautiful country has to offer. While my husband and I take in mile after mile of wonder, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s been an unforgettable week I promise to share with you in the days to come.

But for now, I want to share with you something I’ve reflected on throughout my trip…something I kept coming back to. I can’t stop considering how 3 1/2 years ago, I would have never done any of the things we did this week. At my former 246 pound self, I remember telling myself I couldn’t do things…I would never be capable. Some of you may be telling yourself a similar story right now. Well here’s the thing…if that’s the conversation you’re having with yourself, you’ll likely never feel capable of accomplishing great things; you’ll talk yourself right out of them. And sadly, that’s a painful way to live.

If you find yourself in this place, know you are not alone; know you can turn it around. Sure it will take hard work and  sacrafice, but you can start with one simple game-changer. Rewrite the story you are telling yourself. Declare, then believe…I CAN!

Tell yourself this same thing often. Always. Drown out the self-doubt and the “I can’ts.” Change that conversation in your head. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself where I was this week…astonished at what I was able to do, because my new, improved story had me convinced I could…so I DID.