Do Something that Scares You – by Kris

You’ve probably heard that a lot. “Do Something that Scares You.” Pretty easy for me to do, since anything that is either in the water or any distance off the ground scares the crap out of me. Last year was my year to break through one of these fears.

Last year was my first EVER swimming test. I took lessons and did testing when I was a kid, but since about the age of 10, I have been scared of swimming. I am not scared of the water, but I would rather poke a fork in my eye than put my face in it, or swim with anything that is alive, including other people. Last year I went to summer camp. Sounds silly since I am over 40, but this was a family camp across the lake from my son’s scout camp. The camp was run by the scout association which meant we lived under the same rules as the scouts: Rule 1: You have to pass a swimming test to do any water activities. The test was 6 laps across an area nearly the same length as a swimming pool. You also had to jump in. And go under. And the lake has fish. And probably other living stuff that I wasn’t willing to think about and still not willing to discuss. Anyway, I jumped in. I swam it. And I passed the test. I was proud and shocked all at the same time.

So we challenge you this spring – register for something, find a friend and schedule an activity, or go somewhere. Get out of your comfort zone and do something you thought you would never, ever do.


The moral of this story is this: YOU CAN DO IT. If it scares you, you will have the most exhilarating feeling of accomplishment you’ve ever had after you do it. If it’s really hard for you, you will be swelling with pride after you do it. Even if you don’t do it well or do it completely, you should try. You won’t regret the feeling you have and the motivation it gives you when you accomplish the impossible!