Wage War on Winter’s Butt! – by Carla

Welcome to March, fellow FIT BFFs!  Kris and I have a challenge for you this month, should you choose to accept it.  If you are trapped in the midwest like we are and feel like winter’s wrath will never end, it’s time to fight back!  If you live elsewhere, lucky you!  We invite you to wage war on winter’s lethargic butt with our March Madness Squat Challenge!  Disclaimer:  as with any other fitness activity, please consult your physician before starting anything new.

Here it is, our plan to put an end to our winter behinds and take back what’s rightfully ours…a well-toned, energetic hiney!  Print this puppy out, stick it on your fridge and start squatting!


A couple quick reminders to keep your form safe and target the right area.  Start with your feet shoulders distance apart.  Squat until you legs are no greater than a 90 degree angle at your knees.  Do you very best to keep your back flat and your chest up.  Feel free to adjust the numbers to meet your needs.  If you can’t do the number for the day, do what you can.  If you are already light-years ahead of us, pick a reasonable number for you.  And remember, you can squat just about anywhere (like right there on the driveway), as Kris and I will illustrate from time to time this month.

Want to do yourself an extra favor?  Down a glass of water when you finish each day…win/win!

And there you have it, fellow FIT BFFs…your mission for March!