Win-It New Years Edition

Happy Win-It New Years Edition, Friends! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for stopping by this year and hanging out with me at the blog! I’m so grateful to have partnered with some wonderful companies this year, which have enabled me to share a few of my favorite fitness/wellness products in the industry with you.

You may remember me mentioning them in past reviews, like how my love of yoga has been greatly enhanced by my friends at Aurorae…


You might recall how OOFOS recovery footwear has been my constant comfort companion throughout my running/marathon days and now well into my injury recovery and osteoarthritis management…


And who remembers my friend Tim of Rollga…the co-creator of my favorite foam roller I keep running into when I’m in dire need of relief? 


Friends, are you feeling lucky this New Year’s Weekend? I hope so, because there are some great prizes to be won from these fantastic companies…want to know what you could win?

The kind folks at Aurorae have generously contributed a prize pack including a yoga mat, tote and towel for one lucky winner. This will surely illuminate your life…namaste!


Those generous folks at OOFOS have decided one lucky reader will win a pair of OOFOS of their choice! Remember, they offer many options so my Midwestern readers in the deepfreeze may like OOcloogs or OOmgs over the OOlalas right now. The lucky OOFOS winner will, no doubt, feel the OO!

And last, but far from least, these genius, generous developers of Rollga would like to help one lucky winner find their Ahh-Spot with the awesome black and gold Rollga foam roller in Taggart’s hand on the right…you’ll be so grateful to roll with it!

Many, many thanks to my friends at Aurorae, OOFOS and Rollga for partnering with FIT BFFs for this fun!

Wondering how to win? To enter, simply leave a comment below mentioning what goal or intention you plan to work toward in 2018. That’s it!

Entries will be accepted between now and Tuesday, January 3rd, midnight central time. Three lucky winners will be randomly drawn and announced on Win-It Wednesday, January 4th.

Please note, this giveaway is open to US residents only. And remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter, so do it right away!

Good luck!!!



40 thoughts on “Win-It New Years Edition

  1. My goal for 2018:Run a marathon
    After running Ragnar with you and reading your blog you inspired me to add a marathon to my bucket list. Thought 2017 was the year to accomplish this but fear got in the way. Today, 12/30/2017, I signed up for a marathon!

  2. My intention is to give myself grace, as I heal from a pretty extensive back injury. My goal is to try new exercises and get stronger in 2018.

  3. I took the leap and joined a circuit training group. My goal is to continue pushing myself to be healthy, increase my cardio and tone my muscles.

  4. The goal is to continue to heal my bad knee as well as focus on what I can do and not focus on what I can’t do. Keep a positive outlook despite setbacks and above all else, BE KIND!!

  5. My intention for 2018 is to look for new ways to partner with community members and business so that Rochester Health and Fitness can continue to be a resource for those who love fitness, who want to start their fitness journey or just love to read about it:) and personally, my intention is to work out with my husband once a week.

  6. My goal is to learn how to run and be able to do runs with my daughter to help her get better times with her pt tests.

  7. The #1 priority is to remove negativity and try to reduce stress. I want to specifically work on glite strength and get back into running shape. Another 1/2 or 2 on the calendar and to get over my fear of swimming so I can attempt a tri . .

  8. My intention for 2018 is to live a life of surrender. To move my body in fun & helpful ways. To feed my body healthfully. To spend as much time in nature as I can. To continue opening my heart for myself, others & Spirit!

  9. 2018= more gratitude, more love, more appreciation for the grace and beauty that surrounds me and to let more go that “is not serving me” well.

  10. 2018–I hope to truly cherish the moment I am in versus always living for the future. I want to love others well.

    • I need to completely overhaul my lifestyle. First steps include moving more and increasing mindfulness. I could use a boost.

  11. My goal for 2018 is to get organized. For the last year I have been so unorganized which has caused stress and anxiety.
    Being organized I am hoping it will.stop those feelings.

  12. I have several goals for 2018. I am turning 50 this month and I am determined to stop focusing on the negative and worrying so much– this is going to be difficult but I am determined because I’ve wasted too much of my life stressing and worrying. Easier to accomplish will be that I need to improve my posture too much time on the computer and slouching while I sit has really changed my posture. I will also do some type of exercise everyday even if it just a short walk around my neighborhood.

  13. Completing my first triathlon in March 2018. I haven’t been a swimmer since high school so building endurance and strength is a huge challenge.

  14. Going to use 2018 to continue my fitness journey and keep pushing myself past my limits! Love where I’m heading! Thanks for all you do, love reading all your posts!!

  15. Would love to try the OOFOS! Working hard on working out and eating better in 2018. Got our 25th wedding anniversary and my husband’s 65th birthday we will be celebrating with a 25 day cruise in September!

  16. One of my goals for 2018 is to do some type of organized physical activity each month. I’m already signed up for a snow shoe race, a few endurance runs and am planning to incorporate yoga & cycling into my plan, too!

  17. Would love to be blessed with oofos my feet really would like that. Or any other fit bit prize you are giving away!!

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